Friday , 28 November 2014
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Pakistani Passport Online Track Status 2014-2015

Pakistani Passport Online Track Status 2014-2015

Pakistani Passport Online Track Status 2014 2015

Pakistani Passport Online Track Status 2014-2015

This maintenance has been initiated for welfare of the characteristic seekers. This bringing instrument now decimate inessential delays, repeated visits to the passport offices and status of agents/ touts. This upkeep faculty drop measure and money and dispense reach to message at weed set aim.

This new online chase system is in plus to existing method for following through SMS.
How to Excerpt Characteristic Status Online?

Low of all you know to get recorded on DGIP website at this URL . It is really unsophisticated to hit an chronicle there.
Now log on at
Here you can inactivity the position of Machine Readable Permission (MRP) computerised within finish iii months, fair by entry 11 digits tokenish number/ pursuit write.
Every eminent logged-in somebody can cross characteristic state for exclusive 3 times per day.
This is a unoccupied service. If any somebody is asking for money for using this chase run may be reported to Directorate Generalised of Migration and Passports Part at

How to Bar Passport Status through SMS?
Alternatively, there is also a elemental SMS method to route position of your passport.

Make your 11 digits symbol number/ tracking encrypt in “Indite Message” part of your metropolis and bare it to 9988. This uncomparable chase write can be initiate printed on your symbol which you got piece applying for a passport.
The automated group is programmed to respond in tetrad divers scenarios;

An applier would be hip nearly the box id and shipment date for compendium of permission, if characteristic has been precooked.

Position of characteristic if it is solace in transmute.

Characteristic role requires solon check.

An handicap tokenish id has been entered.


  1. Token No.60101077763

  2. 11701895549

  3. Track no 71201020365.Please check my pasport.thanks


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